Powerful Creator Sunray V-Neck Tee

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Everything you are experiencing in your life is a direct projection of your own energy. Your intentions, your desires, thoughts, and beliefs carry a lot of power and attract the very same thing you are focusing on into your life. The beauty of the law of attraction is that you have the power to choose what you focus on and with it change your point of attraction. This makes you a Powerful Creator with the ability to manifest the life you desire.

The key to your freedom, prosperity and abundance lies within you. Let this shirt be a reminder of your continuous manifestation journey and your power to create. Stay focused on the things that bring you joy and happiness, practice gratitude, meditate often, and live your life as if your desires have already manifested.

Made out of a soft and flowy polyester viscose blend, this slouchy tee in black is the perfect way to stay empowered. Wear this tee and remember that no matter what your past or present looks like you are a Powerful Creator of your own reality.

Color: Black

Fabric: Polyester Viscose Blend

Care: Wash inside-out with cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low. 

Sizing: Model is 5’7" and wearing a size large.